08 Oct 2021 CUSP Communication

CUSP releases its first newsletter and brochure!

CUSP is a large-scale research consortium that consists of five individual research initiatives, one of those being Imptox. CUSP aims to understand the impacts of micro- and nanoplastics on human health. Check out the brand-new CUSP brochure for a concise and clear overview of their research.

To delve deeper into the mechanics of research organization, don’t miss out on the first CUSP newsletter, where Prof. Ćirković Velicković, this year’s CUSP chair, introduces you to the CUSP workplan and its six interdisciplinary working groups. Inside this first edition, you will also find a series of interesting calls for papers you may want to participate in. Finally, in the last part of CUSP NEWS you will have the opportunity to meet some of the consortium’s outstanding scientists and see what drives them in their everyday research.

And last but not least, take the chance to browse through CUSP's new webportal where you can find more in-depth information on the cluster, its research, and individual projects.