Innovation in research on micro- and nanoplastics and their effects on human health

We are a multidisciplinary team with expertise in a wide range of fields including food sciences & technology, allergy, immunology, biomedicine, biology, chemistry, bioinformatics, machine learning, paediatrics and others, cooperating across Europe to investigate the relationship among micro- and nanoplastics (MNPs) and allergic diseases.

The Project

Untangling the multifaceted relationship of exposure routes, risks and health impacts of MNPs.

Improving MNP detection

We plan to develop innovative tools to measure and characterize MNPs and potential contaminants in food, water and air.

MNPs combined with pollutants

We are committed to understanding the effect of MNPs combined with potentially harmful environmental contaminants adhering to their surfaces and finding their way into the human body.

The relationship with allergic diseases

We aim to examine a possible link between MNPs and their role in food allergy and allergic asthma.

CUSP Research Cluster

Imptox is one of five projects in the EU Horizon 2020 programme that will work together with the European Commission's Joint Research Center to form The European Research Cluster to Understand the Health Impacts of Micro- and Nanoplastics, CUSP. It is the cluster’s overall goal to contribute with new scientific knowledge and know-how to the European Strategy for Plastics.

Outreach & Guidance

Imptox partners plan to work closely with Non-Governmental Organizations, stakeholders from industry, business, scientists and policymakers. We plan to deliver data and its ramifications to help decision makers, risk assessors and regulators safeguard our air, water and food supply.



Animal Models for the Study of Food Allergies

Imptox researchers from the Medical University of Vienna published a comprehensive overview of animal models for the study of food allergies in the Journal Current Protocols of Immunology.


Explaining Imptox to the Public: Srebrnjak Children’s Hospital on Croatian TV

The Srebrnjak Children's Hospital, a partner of Imptox, recently appeared on national Croatian TV to inform the public about their involvement in this multidisciplinary, EU-funded project.


Join the 2nd Imptox public workshop and discover the latest insights on the impact of micro- and nanoplastics on human health

Engage with experts and delve into an afternoon of exciting discussions on March 24th at the Pyramide Event Hotel in Vienna.


European Union publishes Future Brief on the state of knowledge and environmental and human health impacts of nanoplastics

The Future Brief presents the current science on nanoplastics: their detection, assessment and monitoring; their impacts in the environment, ecotoxicity, and environmental fate; and their potential impacts on human health.

The Imptox Team

Imptox is a multidisciplinary consortium of 12 partners from 8 European countries.