12 Sep 2022 EU NEWS

Commission launches Consultation on the new EU Strategy on Global Health!

The European Commission opened a public consultation to let the public have their say on the new EU strategy on global health.

One of the European Commission's key priorities is to develop a new EU global health strategy. With their initiative, they aim to tackle new challenges facing global health and strengthen EU leadership. Beyond pandemics, this will guarantee that the EU – and its Member States – can successfully promote citizen health, decrease health disparities, protect against threats, and solidify EU leadership and legitimacy in the global health arena.

The nexus between such a strategy and the IMPTOX project is apparent: Micro- and nanoplastics (MNPs) have been found almost anywhere on our planet including the human organism, possibly representing a danger to world health. In Imptox we are trying to untangle and better understand the relationship between MNPs, human health in general, and allergic disease in particular. In recent years, as microplastics have been found even in the remotest parts of our Earth, MNP pollution has become a topic of global concern. On the European level, such a complex topic cannot be tackled by the Member States individually and hence a united response to efficiently contribute to a comprehensive global health strategy is essential.

The Consultation is published on the Have your say portal and will run until the 19th of September. Anyone is invited to contribute, non-experts and experts, individuals and organizations.