09 Nov 2021 EVENT

Imptox partner presents at the 14th International Congress on Nutrition in Belgrade

Imptox partner, Prof. Andreja Rajkovic from Ghent University will be holding a plenary lecture on November 10th during the 14th International Congress on Nutrition by the Serbian Nutrition Society. 

In his lecture, he will talk about “Food exposome and the central role of risk-benefit assessment in future food”. In his talk, he will explain some of the concepts and results from Imptox and other projects regarding chronic low dose exposure to chemical and microbial contaminants and the effects thereof in in-vitro systems.

For more information on this event, please click here or download the conference programme. 

In Imptox, Prof. Rajkovic and his team investigate how selected cargo materials that are adsorbed to the microplastics surface may impact human health following exposure to food or airborne sources of micro- and nanoplastics.