03 May 2023 VIDEOS

Discover IMPTOX SHORTS featuring junior researchers!

Check out our first series of short video clips and find out what motivated our early-career scientists to pursue science, while gaining insight into their specific research tasks. Learn about their daily challenges and much more straight from their own perspectives.

Lukas, a Ph.D. student in the pharmaceutical technology and biopharmaceutics department at the University of Vienna, initially wanted to become a graphics designer. However, he soon realized that creativity was just as important in science, especially when it came to developing innovative solutions to complex problems. Similarly, Mohamed, a postdoctoral researcher at Ghent University, believes that science provides a limitless source to think about the world without borders.

In our series of Imptox Shorts, we have interviewed five junior researchers, each with their unique story: Sandra, Nikola, Tamara, Lukas, and Mohamed. Despite their diverse backgrounds and research interests, they share a strong passion for science and discovery.

Ph.D. students and postdocs play a crucial role in Imptox, leading the way in various research tasks and carrying out the daily work in labs and libraries. By watching their videos, you'll get the chance to delve deeper into their personal and professional lives and learn more about what drives them to pursue scientific research.

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Sandra Mijac

Nikola Gligorijevic

Lukas Wimmer

Mohamed Fathi Abdallah