20 Feb 2024 EVENT

Don't miss the next IMPTOX PUBLIC WORKSHOP: Unravelling the nexus between MNPs, allergies, toxicology & environmental factors

March 11th, 2024 Hybrid Event: Join us from Zagreb or virtually to explore critical insights in the field of microplastics and human health.


IMPTOX invites you to the forthcoming public workshop, "Micro- and Nanoplastics in Focus: Bridging Allergic Disease, Toxicology, and Environmental Factors," an event bringing together leading scientists to discuss the pressing issues surrounding micro- and nanoplastic pollution. This workshop promises to offer valuable insights into the intersection of allergic disease, toxicology, and environmental health.

Set against the academic backdrop of the Catholic University of Croatia in Zagreb, the conference is scheduled for the morning of Monday, March 11th, 2024 from 9.00 (8.30 in-person registration) to 12.30. In an effort to accommodate a global audience, the workshop will adopt a hybrid format, accessible in person and broadcast via Zoom.

The meeting will be opened by IMPTOX Project Coordinator, Tanja Ćirković Veličković, from the University of Belgrade's Faculty of Chemistry. The session will feature a series of panel discussions chaired by experts in the field, including a focus on the effects of micro- and nanoplastics on the development of allergic disease and the specific challenges presented by MNPs in pediatric asthma.

Without delving into each talk, the agenda promises a robust exchange of ideas and latest findings in MNP toxicology, risk assessment, and the broader implications for human health and ecosystems. The implications of MNPs in indoor air pollution and their interaction with microbes in marine environments will be further points of interest.

This workshop promises to be a significant event for researchers and practitioners in the field, offering a platform to connect, exchange knowledge, and collaboratively seek solutions to some of the most challenging health and environmental issues of our time.

We encourage interested parties to join us for a dynamic and interdisciplinary exploration of how MNPs are reshaping our understanding of allergic disease and toxicology.

Click here to register for in-person participation and here for online participation.

For further details please download here the full agenda.