16 Dec 2021 PODCAST

Imptox scientist interviewed by Bayrischer Rundfunk

Imptox researcher, Michelle Epstein from the Medical University of Vienna talks about microplastics and health.

“There are so many more allergies in the last decades and the question is why?”, asks Michelle Epstein on the Bayern 2 Broadcast  “IQ – Wisschenaft & Forschung”. While there are several theories, she explains that one avenue that hasn’t yet been explored is the connection between microplastics and allergies. “In combination with other allergies or upon long-term exposure, microplastics may increase the probability of food allergies”, so Epstein. At this point, there is no clarity and the European Union is funneling research money into finding out. Imptox is one of five projects in the EU-financed Research Cluster to understand the health impacts of micro- and nanoplastics (CUSP). While collaborating on transversal themes each one of the five CUSP research projects concentrates on specific aspects related to microplastics and health, with Imptox focusing in particular on the relationship between micro- and nanoplastics and allergic disease.

The podcast was aired on December 13, 2021, 18:05 – 18:30.  CLICK HERE to listen to the entire program in German, with the part on microplastics starting at minute 17:20.