08 Sep 2023 EVENT

FOOD ALLERGIES IN FOCUS: Imptox researchers join the dialogue at upcoming Amsterdam forum

Imptox scientists from the University of Belgrade and the Medical University of Vienna among advisory board members and presenters at this year’s conference of the Food Allergy Forum in The Netherlands.

Scheduled for September 27th to 29th, 2023, at the Hotel Casa Amsterdam, the 3rd International Conference of the Food Allergy Forum promises an outstanding lineup of renowned speakers. The conference will delve into a spectrum of topics, including food allergy development, food allergen risk assessment and management, food allergy therapy, and various training sessions and workshops.

Within the Imptox project, our mission is to uncover the potential links between micro- and nanoplastics and allergies. We aim to understand whether these minuscule plastic particles could be triggers for allergies or exacerbate the lives of individuals with existing conditions. The Food Allergy Forum provides a significant platform for Imptox researchers to engage in knowledge exchange with fellow experts and scientists.

Dr. Dragana Stanić-Vučinić, an Imptox scientist affiliated with the Center of Excellence for Molecular Food Sciences at the University of Belgrade, will be delivering a talk titled 'Food Allergen Bio-Corona on Microplastics.' Dr. Stanić-Vučinić will present her research on Sep. 27th at 14.20 in a session where different aspects of food allergy development will be discussed. Some of the questions addressed will go to the core of what we currently know about the role of environmental factors in allergy formation, the microbiome, and resulting immune effects.

Additionally, Prof. Michelle Epstein from the Medical University of Vienna serves as an advisory board member for the conference. Alongside other internationally acclaimed experts, she provided a sneak peek into the upcoming program sessions in a virtual presentation leading up to the event. Interested parties can contact the Food Allergy Forum and request access to the video recording. Within the Imptox project, Prof. Epstein and her team carry out in vivo studies to evaluate the fate and effects of micro- and nanoplastics (MNPs) in different exposure scenarios. Their ultimate goal is to understand systemic responses to MNP exposure with and without allergen cargo.

In the quest for answers, solutions and the inevitable emergence of new questions, Imptox researchers stand in harmony with the Food Allergy Forum's powerful motto: 'Towards a food allergy-free world.' Their dedication to understanding the connections between micro- and nanoplastics and allergies exemplifies a shared commitment to a safer, healthier and hopefully one day allergen-free future.

Click here for the full conference program.