IMPTOX partners MUW and UNIVIE join Green Labs Austria

IMPTOX partners MUW and UNIVIE have recently joined the Green Labs Austria initiative. This initiative aims to connect laboratories that share the vision of sustainable research and helps scientists to think actively about the resources used for their research.

The project focus is on the possible health effects of MNPs, and both partners considered it necessary to evaluate their lab's contribution to the increasing quantity of plastic wastes in the environment. The MUW group is studying the influence of inhaled and ingested MNPs in health and the UNIVIE group is producing model MNPs and developing analytical tools for their characterization. "The ecological impact of disposable items, energy consumption, disposal of chemicals and solvents and usage of water during daily laboratory work is somehow underrated. Those are key factors to consider to run a laboratory efficiently in a sustainable way", explains Prof. Dailey from UNIVIE. "Our typical lab work required a lot of single-use plastic, from Petri dishes to tubes to syringes and culture plates. We aim to reduce plastics by using glassware wherever possible and communicating with others to improve our ecological footprint", adds Prof. Epstein from MUW.  

To learn more about this initiative, please join Green Labs Austria Board Member, Logan Hodgskiss, for a 20-minute talk on November 10th at 5pm CET.

Please follow the Zoom link below for access to the presentation: 

Topic: Microplastic Jour Fixe - special event: Greelab presentation 
Time: Nov 10, 2021 05:00 PM Amsterdam, Berlin, Rome, Stockholm, Vienna 

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