24 Nov 2022 EU NEWS

Have your say! … and help the EU revise its rules on food contact materials

Participate in this public consultation open until Jan. 11, 2023, and help the European Union modernize its food safety policy.

The European Union is widely engaged in securing food safety, as its high standards and solid legislation show. In particular, the EU's food safety policy is conceived to cover the whole food chain, from farm to fork, by guaranteeing safe food, high standards of animal health and welfare, plant protection and transparent information on the origin, content, labeling and use of food.

The European Union is now aiming at a more innovative and sustainable approach, reaching even higher levels of food safety and public health protection, while reducing the presence of hazardous chemicals. With that in mind, the European Commission is launching an initiative to modernize current rules on food contact materials (such as packaging, tableware and food processing equipment) while promoting reusable and recyclable solutions to help reduce the sector’s environmental impact.

Public contributions to the new regulation are important to ensure high-quality results: You are invited to participate and have your say on food contact material rules.  Click here before the 11th of January 2023 and share your opinion with the European Union.