12 Jan 2022 PRESS

HORIZON, the EU Research & Innovation Magazine presents IMPTOX & CUSP!


“We eat and inhale thousands of bits of plastic every year. Now what?” is the opening question of the eponymous article published in HORIZON on January 10, 2022.

It is clear by now that microplastics pollution is ubiquitous and that scientists have found micro- and nanoplastics (MNPs) even in the most remote places of our planet, including Nordic glaciers, distant deserts, and rainforests. Humans are exposed to them as they inhale MNPs through the air or consume them with food. The effects of those tiny pieces inside the human body are not yet clear, however!  

CUSP is here to find out and Imptox is one of the five projects constituting the CUSP cluster, focusing in particular on the relationship between MNPs, asthma, and allergic disease.

Professor Tanja Cirkovic Veličković, Imptox coordinator and CUSP chair 2021/2022 confirms that ‘All five projects are working towards the same direction in terms of providing solid scientific evidence and data to inform the risk managers in Europe and elsewhere about potential risks. At the moment we have a very limited data on exposures and risks, which makes risk management a challenging task.” She points out in particular that “Very little is known about how MNPs influence allergic disease,” something that researchers in Imptox will try to find out.  

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