13 Jan 2024 EVENT

IMPTOX Insights at EUSAIR's Marine Plastic Pollution Conference

Imptox scientist, Dr. Ivana Banić from Srebrnjak Children’s Hospital presents latest results at Zagreb conference.

The EU Strategy for the Adriatic and Ionian Region (EUSAIR) conference, an initiative aimed at fostering cooperation and addressing shared challenges in the Adriatic-Ionian region, hosted Dr. Ivana Banić, from the IMPTOX project on November 29, 2023. Held in Zagreb at the Sheraton Hotel, this conference brought together experts to discuss pressing environmental issues, with a focus on marine plastic pollution.

Structured to offer a comprehensive overview, the conference featured a sequence of sessions including policy discussions, sector-specific analyses, and innovative solutions. Notably, it focused on the impact of plastic waste on marine biodiversity and the influence of tourism on marine environments, alongside exploring potential gaps and future strategies.

Among the participating experts was Dr. Ivana Banić, Imptox researcher from the Srebrnjak Children’s Hospital (SCH) in Zagreb, Croatia. Presenting as a part of the conference's rich agenda, Dr. Banić's talk, "H2020 IMPTOX: Health Effects of Micro- and Nanoplastics - A Human Biomonitoring Study," provided insights into the ongoing research on micro- and nanoplastics (MNPs) exposure, particularly in children. This study, integral to the Horizon 2020 Imptox project, investigates potential health risks and aims to understand the association between MNP exposure and allergic diseases. Over 900 children from different regions in Croatia are involved in this study, contributing to a broader understanding of MNPs and their potential health implications (Read here for more details).

The research presented by Dr. Banić, reflecting the collective efforts of a team led by Prof. Mirjana Turkalj from SCH, contributes insights to the environmental health discourse globally. Her presentation at the EUSAIR conference provided an excellent platform for the IMPTOX project to disseminate their findings and engage with a diverse audience.

For more details about the conference visit the EUSAIR conference page. The conference is part of ongoing efforts to address the environmental challenges of plastic pollution in marine environments, aligning with EUSAIR's mission to foster sustainable development in the Adriatic-Ionian region.

Keywords: microplastics, nanoplastics, pollution, health, European Union

Dr. Ivana Banic presenting at EUSAIR in Zagreb, Nov. 2023

Dr. Ivana Banić from Srebrnjak Children’s Hospital presents latest results at EUSAIR conference in Zagreb, Nov. 2023.