IMPTOX PEOPLE: This time we talk to Mirjana Radomirovic from the University of Belgrade

What drives and inspires our scientists and how they would like to see the world in ten years from now!

We recently talked to Mirjana Radomirovic, who is a senior Ph.D. student of biochemistry at the University of Belgrade. Find out from her what specific research tasks she carries out within Imptox and what ambitions she has for the future:

“Trained in protein biochemistry, my research interests currently lean towards protein structure-function relationships and molecular allergology. Within the IMPTOX project, I am developing different immunological methods for sensitive and specific quantifications of shellfish allergen tropomyosin. Although I am a person with many curiosities in life, over time my interests have been evolving and tending towards the life sciences. I like being surrounded by peers who are genuinely interested and motivated and who are passionate about anything in life, be that science or something else. What particularly inspires me in my work is interacting with students. I hope my research within IMPTOX will help reduce the risks of accidental food contamination by developing ultrasensitive methods for detecting food allergens. In the photo, you can see me next to the real-time PCR machine after a long but eventually very successful day in the lab.”