06 Oct 2022 EVENT

Imptox scientist presents research at Food Micro Symposium in the Netherlands

Prof. Rajkovic from Ghent University will share his findings at this year’s symposium on Food Diagnostics & Safety organized by the Dutch Food Micro Foundation.


During the upcoming symposium taking place on December 1st in the Dutch city DeBilt, Prof. Andreja Rajkovic will talk about “The influence of micro- and nanoplastics on microbial food safety”. During his intervention he will present research carried out within Imptox and focus in particular on the potential of microplastics to act as vectors for pathogenic bacteria, possibly threatening microbial food safety. Prof. Rajkovic and his team have recently published an article in Trends in Food Science and Technology, where they discuss this topic in detail.

The conference, taking place in Dutch, will unite speakers from research institutions and universities, as well as representatives from industry and business. The discussion will be focused on the latest developments in the field of detection methods of microorganisms and data analysis.

The Food Micro Foundation, founded in 1999, aims to promote knowledge and expertise in the field of food microbiology, food safety and derived knowledge areas in the Dutch language area.

Please click here for the detailed program and to register for the symposium.