19 Jun 2024 PROJECT NEWS

Imptox teams up with Scientix to elevate science education in Europe

In an exciting collaboration, Imptox has partnered with Scientix to bring innovative science education to young minds through its educational video game, "Microplastic Madness: Catching PlastikPunk."

This partnership aims to educate children about microplastics pollution and its effects on human health and the environment. Considering that every single piece of plastic ever produced on Earth is still around – and will be around for much longer - either in its full version or in the form of micro- and nanoplastics, teaching kids about the perils of plastic pollution is fundamental. We are currently only in the beginning of understanding the problem and it will be future generations, growing up with a fresh conscience, who will take this research further and find solutions to the problem of micro- and nanoplastics pollution and plastic waste in general.

Scientix: Europe's Premier Science Education Network

To support this educational initiative, Imptox is collaborating with Scientix, the foremost community for science education in Europe. Its goal is to foster and support a continent-wide collaboration among STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) teachers, education researchers, policymakers, and other educational stakeholders. By promoting this collaboration, Scientix seeks to make science education more engaging and to inspire students to pursue careers in STEM fields.

Initiated by the European Commission in 2010, Scientix has been coordinated by the European Schoolnet since its beginning. The European Schoolnet, a Brussels-based consortium of 34 Ministries of Education across Europe, drives innovation in teaching and learning, encouraging collaboration among schools and teachers throughout Europe.

A Collaborative Effort for Real-Time Science Education

The partnership between Imptox and Scientix leverages their combined strengths to deliver the latest scientific advancements to schools and young learners. Through our videogame "Microplastic Madness: Catching PlastikPunk" students can explore the latest on microplastics research as the science develops, gaining a deeper understanding of this emerging field.

This joint effort illustrates how educational initiatives can transform complex scientific research into engaging learning experiences for young students. Together, Imptox and Scientix are leading the way for a new generation of scientists, armed with the knowledge and motivation to explore careers in STEM fields.

For more details about Scientix and its projects, visit their website and become part of the community committed to advancing science education across Europe.