29 Apr 2022 EVENT

IMPTOX Scientists at Second CUSP Annual Meeting "PROGRESSING TOGETHER"

Imptox members will join their fellow CUSP scientists from June 8th – 10th at “PROGRESSING TOGETHER”, the 2nd CUSP Annual Meeting.

In a hybrid event, taking place in part at the facilities of the European Commission’s Joint Research Center (JRC) in Ispra (Italy) and in part online, CUSP members will discuss the progress achieved during the last year, while coordinating research efforts for the near future. After a long period of communicating only online due to COVID-related circumstances, at least part of the group will finally have the chance to meet in person.

Looking back at an exciting first year of CUSP activity, Imptox Coordinator Prof. Tanja Ćirković Veličković handed over CUSP chairmanship to the next project in line, Plasticheal, coordinated by Prof. Alba Hernández from the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona. Plasticheal will take the lead in coordinating CUSP for the coming year and kick off this year’s annual meeting. The three-day meeting will feature speakers from the European Commission, the Joint Research Centre and the European Food Safety Authority. Important points of discussion will be policy needs regarding micro- and nanoplastics and how to effectively communicate science to policymakers. From a more scientific perspective, JRC scientists will address how to balance the desirable with the possible with regards to nanoplastics material for research.

Over the three meeting days, we will learn more about the research developments of each one of the five CUSP projects (Imptox, Aurora, Polyrisk, Plasticheal, and PlasticsFatE). At the same time, Project Coordinators will coordinate efforts with the leaders of the six CUSP working groups. Imptox in particular is taking the lead in Working Group 1: Analytical Methods and Representative Materials.

The meeting will close on Friday, June 10th in the early afternoon with a pathway forward and final remarks by this year’s CUSP Chair. 

Stay tuned for updates on CUSP social media (Linkedin & Twitter) and the CUSP website.  

If you are a CUSP member and are interested in participating, please contact your Project Coordinator to sign up by May 3rd latest.