08 Nov 2023 PROJECT NEWS

Microplastics & Allergies: SCH Researchers in a Series of Popular Science Articles

Imptox scientists at the Srebrnjak Children’s Hospital have illuminated the complex world of microplastics and allergies through a compelling series of popular science articles. Hosted on the Croatian popular science portal X-Lab, these articles provide an in-depth exploration into various aspects related to microplastics.

Across five informative articles, X-Lab dives into critical topics such as human exposure to microplastics, their possible link to allergies, the heightened vulnerability of children, and the potential dangers posed by MNPs (Micro and Nanoplastics). The series also delves into the groundbreaking research conducted by our esteemed Croatian partners at the Srebrnjak Children’s Hospital.

From the foundational insights offered in “Microplastics 101” to the nuanced scientific details derived from diverse research studies, this series offers a comprehensive view of the subject. Don’t miss this opportunity to expand your knowledge.

For direct access to the articles (originally in Croatian), click on the titles below:

“Every second EU citizen will have an allergy next year: a member of the research team from Srebrnjak reveals what microplastics have to do with it” Dr. sc. Ivana Banić, Mag. Molecular Biology

“The first results of a large study: Atopic dermatitis is the most common disease in allergic children in all three Croatian regions” Dr. Sc. Maja Šutić, Master's Degree in Experimental Biology, Srebrnjak Children's Hospital   

“Experts at the Srebrnjak Children's Hospital reveal: Four main channels through which we are exposed to microplastics” Marcel Lipej, B.Sc. Biotechnology Engineer and Sandra Mijač, Master of Clinical Nutrition

“Experts from the Srebrnjak Children's Hospital with seven EU teams in the largest study to date will find out whether microplastics are the cause of the drastic increase in allergies” Prof. Ph.D. Mirjana Turkalj, MD

“Dossier food and microplastics: Seven tips from leading experts to avoid plastic in food” Adrijana Miletić Gospić, B.Sc. Food Technology Engineer and Ana Vukić, Mag. Molecular Biology 

KEYWORDS: Microplastics, Nanoplastics, Human Health, Pollution, Science, Allergy