KU Leuven (KUL) is the largest university in Belgium and it belongs to the top 50 universities in the world. Since 2016, KU Leuven has been ranked the most innovative university in Europe for four years in a row, with a research budget exceeding € 500 million in 2019.  KU Leuven’s contribution to Imptox will be to develop methodologies for the determination of metals in microplastics originating from different sources.

Prof. Tatjana Parac-Vogt

is a Full Professor of Chemistry at KUL and the Head of the Bioinorganic Chemistry Group. She held the prestigious KUL BOF professorship awarded to excellent researchers with a high-quality research program. During the last twenty years of her international career, which she built up in the US, Germany, and Belgium, she has acquired strong multidisciplinary expertise in the fields of bioinorganic chemistry, coordination chemistry, nanochemistry and spectroscopy. She is a member of AcademiaNet, a network of outstanding European female academics, the Vice-President of the European Rare-Earth and Actinide Society and she serves on the editorial boards of various journals, including the Chemical Society Reviews, Inorganics, and Chimie Nouvelle. From 2102-2016 she was the President of BeWiSe (Belgian women in science association) a non-profit organization that promotes the position and role of women in science and is currently the chair of the Diversity Council at KU Leuven. 

The full curriculum vitae of Prof. Parac-Vogt and full list of publications can be found under the following link: