Imptox Scientific Publications

Imptox scientists regularly publish their findings in well-regarded scientific journals relevant to their fields.

Brochure & Posters

Imptox has released a project brochure and poster, introducing the public to the problem of micro- and nanoplastics pollution, while explaining its workplan and research organization in more detail. Additional posters explaining specific experiments or aspects of the Imptox project are going to be published in this section throughout the duration of the project period. Please check for various language versions. 

Imptox Shorts

In this section, you can find a series of short videos related to our project, including profiles of some of our junior researchers. 

Press Releases

On the occasion of the Imptox launch in April 2021, a press release was issued describing the project, its aims, and the issue of micro- and nanoplastics pollution.

Project Deliverables

In this section, you can find our public project deliverables, which are reports of milestones and objectives achieved within a certain time period.